About Us

Tech in Pakistan recognizes that the IT industry in our country has the aptitude of becoming a global hub of technology and innovation, but currently faces a substantial gap between the academia and the industry. Fresh talent is looking for opportunities to prove their mettle and the corporate sector is searching for new resources every day. With the lack of right direction, mentorship and capital to materialize the brilliant ideas that students have developed, there is certainly a void being created in our industry. Tech in Pakistan aims to bridge the gap by providing an online platform to pitch those ideas in the right way and presented to the right people. We want to effectively bring together a dynamic tech community to drive Pakistan’s IT sector at par with the international business giants. TiP is formed with a vision to build a platform for highly motivated and vigorously determined group of technologists. TiP acts as a channel between aspiring students with brilliant ideas in their bag that can be developed and monetized; and the inspiring names in the industry that have the vision for taking their companies and IT industry of Pakistan to global level Tech in Pakistan intends to overcome the impending vacuum created between academia and industry by bringing technologists of all ages aboard, and facilitate them with resources in the world of technology. We are associated with and gaining support from tech gurus around the world, willing to help Pakistani youth and revolutionize the IT industry of Pakistan. We are creating opportunities for youth as well as professionals to be trained by global IT leaders and be connected with the international IT conglomerates. We are laying the foundation today for our country, our economy and our IT industry to rise to its global potential tomorrow. We are determined to create value for our associates and our patrons; for our teams and our people; and especially for the wider society and IT community of Pakistan in which we function and thrive.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform Pakistan and equip our budding tech talent to become a competitive workforce and thrive globally. We believe in building constructive and creative environments for our youth technologists to cultivate competence, innovation and empowerment of the IT industry of Pakistan. Vision: We are determined to create value for our young technologists and our associates, for our industry and our people, and especially for the IT communities of Pakistan in which we function and prosper.

Our Culture

Our culture is to Inspire

  • I-Innovation
  • N- Navaturient
  • S- Success through collaboration
  • P- Passion
  • I-Inclusive Diversity
  • R- Responsibility towards our community
  • E- Excellence


An opportunity for university students to:
- Help from industry professionals for FYP
- Assisting you in finding Internships with top IT companies
- Connecting you to local and International mentors
- A digital news portal to update you with all the Tech events in the world.

Potential for IT companies as

- An exclusive IT job portal, to connect tech recourses and companies
- A platform for companies to collaborate, join forces together and grow.
- Approach fresh graduates and interns to train them and create your company’s asset.

Up Coming Features

- Global Digital patronage for Pakistan’s IT industry.
- Incubation programs for Startup Companies.
- An online Platform that will help students present their ideas and FYPs with opportunities to get seed funding.
- Talking résumé that will allow you to create a video preface to your C.V
- Exposure and Recognition for companies’ work in national and international arenas.