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Loren Feldman , FORBES STAFF I cover business ownership, especially the struggle in the trenches. Shutterstock Last week, my guest on Mind Your Business, was Ami Kassar, the founder of MultiFunding, which helps businesses arrange financing. Throughout the show, which airs live at 1 ET on Wharton Business Radio on Sirius XM 111, Ami and I took calls and talked about the challenges business owners face obtaining capital: As interest rates rise, is there anything businesses should be doing right now? Can startups get a bank loan? If you get turned down for an SBA loan at one bank, is it worth trying another bank. Should businesses buy or lease real estate? How do you decide whether it’s better to remain debt-free or to take some risk by borrowing money to try to grow faster? Ami also walked us through the example of a business owner client who had the choice of a traditional bank loan and a much more expensive alternative-lender loan. Much to Ami’s surprise, his client picked the alternative lender. Listen to our conversation and how Ami answers caller questions here.