CDRS YOUTH Inaugural National Meeting

2017 September 17 - 2017 September 17    Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

Sunday at 12 PM - 2 PM

You're invited to join us at the CDRS Youth Inaugural National Meeting at Serena Hotel.

It’s an exciting time for CDRS Youth as we continue to grow and adapt, remaining motivated, dedicated and responsive as a humanitarian organization. CDRS, Pakistan and the entire world are confronting a time of many changes and challenges, and CDRS is meeting these changes and challenges with high energy and strong spirit. The world of Youth is an exciting place in which to work for Humanity and we’ll continue to meet and bring inspiring people together in forums like this to ensure our Youth have opportunities to learn and grow into good citizens with not only intelligence and strength, but also with empathy for others and broad-minded thinking for society. 

This event will share basic info about CDRS and CDRS Youth achievements and future goals. We want to establish more chapters throughout Pakistan so we can involve the maximum number of people and partners in The CDRS Youth Project. We will also invite our local donors so we can present our work and positive impact and request their kind support so we can do more good work. We have seen that sometimes people have money and wish to serve the needs of their community but they don’t have time or their own team. CDRS Youth can be their team to implement their projects and realize their vision and intention. CDRS will be responsible to run their projects with proper management, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, keeping proper financial records and involving the community and partner organizations. 

Umair Jaswal (Singer and television actor, singer-songwriter and music producer) and Todd Shea (Singer and Humanitarian, Founder and CEO- CDRS) will speak and perform some songs at the end of the event.

CDRS will present awards to the outstanding youth activists, youth achievers, social workers and dignitaries who are working for the betterment of their country and Humanity.

we would like to thank you for your interest in CDRS. We hope you’ll join our conference and bring your expertise to this gathering. You, as organization leaders, community leaders and youth, have the vision, the knowledge, and the experience to help lead Pakistan on its way into a bright future. You are truly the nation’s greatest asset today and tomorrow, and we cannot accomplish our mission without your support and partnership. Throughout this conference, I ask you toparticipate, stay engaged and help us shape the future of Youth. My personal respect and thanks to all of you.

Todd Shea
Founder and CEO

RSVP by Wednesday September 13, 2017
Nadir Ali Khan

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