Boeing is offering a $2 Million prize if you can design a working personal jetpack

Posted On: 27 Sep, 2017

Boeing is offering a $2 Million prize if you can design a working personal jetpack

Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company, has high hopes that we will be able to achieve personal flight and has teamed up with GoFly to organise an epic “fly-off” about two years from now.


A $2 million global competition called the GoFly Prize was introduced at an aerospace industry conference with the aim of designing and manufacturing “an easy-to-use, personal flying device.” The organizers of the Go Fly Prize contest, which is being sponsored by aerospace giant Boeing, say they want to encourage students, engineers, and inventors to develop a vertical take-off and landing device that is safe, quiet, ultra-compact, and capable of carrying a single person 20 miles or more without refueling or recharging. In other words, a jetpack that can be “used by anyone, anywhere,” Go Fly’s organizers say.


GoFly founder Gwen Lighter said in a statement: “I was one of those kids who was always making crazy contraptions and throwing themselves out of trees.”


“I, like millions of people around the globe, always dreamed of flying, and I began to realize that we were seeing a moment of convergence of technologies and were at a point in history when these personal flight devices become possible.”


Individuals or teams from around the world can enter, with prizes awarded in three phases. Phase I will include ten $20,000 prizes awarded based on written technical specifications, Phase II will include four $50,000 prizes awarded to teams with the best prototypes and revised specs, and Phase III will award $1 million to the Grand Prize Winner at the Final Fly-Off in the fall of 2019. The final Fly-Off will be judged by a team of experts from Boeing and other leading organizations.





Source: TechJuice

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