Facebook Plans to be more like Youtube

Posted On: 24 Mar, 2017

Facebook Plans to be more like Youtube

We’re focusing more on shorter form content to start” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on today’s Q4 earnings call, where he was repeatedly questioned about Facebook’s video strategy. One thing’s clear, Facebook will invest heavily. “I see video as a mega trend,” said Zuckerberg. Facebook will both pay video makers up front and through ad revenue sharing to get their content into its News Feed and video tab. Despite reports that it’s been in talks with TV studios set-top TV box, Facebook isn’t going to immediately dive into funding a ton of TV shows and movies. Zuckerberg noted, “Over the longer term…people will experiment with longer forms of video as well as all kinds of different things.” But quick, snackable clips are “the primary focus for the foreseeable future.” Facebook’s CFO David Wehner said “our focus was on kickstarting the ecosystem here for the video tab…We’re looking at a wide range of content.” To do that, it plans to pay up-front for “seed content,” which will start to draw more viewers to its video offering and make it an established home for premium clips. This is similar to what it did to spark initial interest in Facebook Live. “We’re certainly going to be seeding content to get the ecosystem going. That’s not about doing big deals,” said Wehner. Eventually, though, it plans to get enough viewers that an advertising revenue share with creators will be enough to keep them contributing their videos. “We need to be able to support that with a business model that we’re working on with ads,” said Wehner. -

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